Who are we?
What is the logo of our art studio and what does it mean?
What are our characteristic colors ?
What is our style?
Who is MITRA?
Why is the company called MITRA?

Who are we?

• SCULPTOR - Krasimir Mladenov
- Born 30.11.1973; Saquitarius in the Zodiac, rising sign Lion
- His creative impulse has been developed at the studios of Kazanlak and Stara Zagora masters.
- Member of the Kazanlak Sustainable Tourism Association and the Craftsmen and Masters of Applied Art Association, Kazanlak.
- His works are popular in USA, Japan, Ireland, Argentina
• MANAGER - Rositsa Rusenova
- Born 22.08.1979; Lion in the Zodiac, rising sign Scorpio
- She was educated in Veliko Tarnovo University with two majors: Slovic languages (Serbian-Croatian) and Marketing
- Member of the Kazanlak Sustainable Tourism Association
• Renina Lekova - contributor
• Eleonora Saleh - contributor
- Born 05.06.1987; Twins in the zodiac, rising sign Scorpio
- She was educated in the high school of Mechanics and Electricity with a major of Art Casting in the course of Renina Lekova
• Kristian Markov - contributor

MITRA Metal Plastic Art Studio was established as a project (“Project 100”) with the cooperation of the Business Centre – Kazanlak, the Ministry of Economy and UNDP.

We would like to express our appreciation to all those institutions and also personally to everyone who has trusted us!

What is the logo of our art studio and what does it mean?

• The logo: represents a solar symbol of the concentrated images of three horses. The logo is on the headline of the official correspondence, our name cards and other promotional materials.
• Brass stamp: contains the stylized initials of the author Krasimir Mladenov (КМ), his astrological star sign, Sagittarius, at the upper part of the sign, and his guiding planet – the Sun. The other author’s personality is depicted in the symbol of these signs. This stamp is used by the author for marking the plastic art work.

What are our distinctive colors?

• Thracian red (dark, intense color, with slight brown shade) and white
• Thracian red and light beige with brown shade

What is our style?

The style of "MITRA" is simple with clear messages and as close to the original as possible. We in "MITRA” are not keen on modern art works that have unclear meaning. Though our works are in classic style with clear, recognizable symbols, the authors are always trying to “hide our little secrets” in our works. Something peculiar and specific, we believe that it makes our work special.

"MITRA" defines its style as:
• Clear messages and forms
• Ancient messages in modern form and context
• Modern messages in ancient form
• The secret of the beauty is hidden in the imperfections of its components

Who is Mitra?

Mitra is an ancient divinity, which belongs to Indian-Iranian pantheon. Literally, the name means “contact”, “agreement”. This divinity is connected to the idea of an agreement as well as to the idea of the rising God-Sun. As a solar divinity, it is connected with the Indian God Varun (the ruler of the water spaces) and as such he has the typical characteristics of the Mother – Goddess. However, in the original image of Mitra he combines both the solar and the water image – he is the thorough Divinity, a ruler of sky and land, the male and female origin. It is made with a bull head, holding the everlasting fire in his hands and with snakes winding around his body. Over the centuries, with the transfer of cultural elements from the west to east, Mitra has been brought into the divinity pantheon of many other nations: Thracians, Greeks, Romans and etc. Some of his characteristic features are found in the image of God from the Old Testament and later in the image of Jesus Christ. The Thracians connect Mitra with the image of Sobasius, who is now recognized as Dionysius in the Greek pantheon.

The art studio has chosen Mitra as its patron for the following reasons:
• It directly refers to the Thracian culture and the image of God Dionysius. The main themes represented by our art studio “MITRA” are closely connected with the Thracians and their beliefs.
• We have a special interest in mythological and particularly in the solar symbols and MITRA can be accepted as one of the most ancient solar divinities. We believe that the Divinity, in his completeness, is an ideal entity of the male and female origin. It was true for the ancient people and time has proven it to be true, but people, quite logically, refuse to accept it.
• Contracting, as part of our job, is very important. “MITRA” insists on a fair and loyal partnership.