Technological Process and Extra Services

Please contact the Studio for the price of outside orders.

MITRA retains the right to change the conditions, depending on product characteristics.

MITRA’s services – conditions

 Technological steps of all art work:

Single order:
1. Draft idea of the project (art or graphic draft of the project, if allowed by the character of the product)
2. Manmade wax matrix-model
3. Casting of the first wax matrix-model
4. Polishing of the cast model
5. Fitting to the stone base or making copy-matrix of the model for future orders

Regular orders of one model in a small series
6. Copy-matrix taken by the first cast matrix-model
7. Making wax copies and hand work on each wax copy
8. Wax copies casting
9. Polishing of the metal copies and patina-plating
10. Fitting to the stone base or adding additional decoration

 When you use MITRA services, your attention is directed to the following:

1. MITRA Metal Plastic Art Studio “OWNS” the product model created by MITRA and made at the studio.
2. A model created by MITRA belongs to MITRA. If the model is made as an outside order, the commissioner has right to USE the model and the copy-matrix but does not OWN the original model.
3. Conditions for outside orders:
• MITRA offers all of the services listed above as a package or any one of the services for outside orders. The Studio is responsible only for the quality of those services performed by the Studio.
• Each step must be completed in the sequence, MITRA is only responsible for the step commissioned to MITRA.
4. A one time cast (single order) should be no greater than three kilograms and the maximum height should be no more than 19 centimeters.
5. The items delivered by MITRA are manmade and can be produced as regular orders in a small series.

 The following conditions apply to a contract for regular orders that include steps 1 through 9:

1. No charge for draft idea of a project.
2. The price for the wax matrix-model is the same as contracted for one copy.
3. The first copy-matrix is free of charge. If there are changes in the model, the price for the next copy-matrix will be divided based on the number of contracted copies. There is no charge for the copy-matrix refreshment required after the 40th copy.
4. There is no charge for fitting to the stone base.
5. The contracted price will designate any extra decorations.
6. Delivery conditions are fixed prior to delivery.

Please, keep in mind that:

The technological for making 10 copies (small series) or one copy from present copy-matrix is approximately the same. So………..
The price for one piece of any product will be approximately the same as the price for a small series.

Time for making a unique product (one model-matrix) is TWO TIMES MORE than making small series of 10 pieces. So……..
The price for a UNIQUE product should be at least TWO TIMES higher then the price for copy in a small series.

Time required for each step (all data is approximate and depends on the product specifics):

Single order
Step Time
Draft idea project (graphic) / 1 – 10 days
Making wax matrix-model / 5 days – a few months
Wax matrix-model casting / 24 hours (at the Studio) – 1 month minimum in casting company
Casting at the Studio depends on prior commitments
Polishing and stone fitting of the metal cast of one product  / 2 – 5 days
Regular orders and small series:
Making copy-matrix from the metal cast of the model / 1 – 5 days
Making and handwork on one wax copy  / 20 minutes – 2 days
Wax copy casting  / 24 hours - depending on Studio’s capacity and engagements
Polishing metal copies, patina plating and fitting the stone to one casting process / 2 – 14 days