Technology and Materials

Vacuum casting and why we chose this technology

Vacuum casting is technology that has been developed and upgraded by Bulgarian scientific engineering during the last 10 years. This technology has been chosen for the following reasons:
• Vacuum casting allows small elements to be cast with rich and complicated decoration.
• Time flexibility when using small capacity casting pots, this technology allows quick casting (up to 24 hours without polishing).
• MITRA uses three casting pots:
1) Small pot with clean casting capacity up to 1 kg
2) Middle pot with clean casting capacity up to 2 kg;
3) Big pot with clean casting capacity up to 3 kg.

• Vacuum casting allows casting of small or large items.
• Vacuum casting allows casting of up to 0.5 mm .
• The cost of a small element from a small series using another kind of technology is almost twice the cost of vacuum casting.
• This technology requires only high quality materials and produces a clean cast.
• This technology is very good for casting of small silver elements.

Warning: Necessary need with this technology is the perfect stage with the wax element or the plastic – the wax should be clean and smooth. Keep in mind that with this technology you will receive what you give!

This technology requires the wax to be clean and smooth to produce a quality product. Remember – with vacuum casting, you get what you give.


• Silver - jewelrey, small plastics
• Brass - plastics, souvenirs
• ZAM - jewelrey, souvenirs

Note.: There is no material charge if the Studio works with customer provided materials.


• Wood
• Linen/Jute
• Paper
• Paints (mostly acrylics)
• Hair polisher
• Polisher-paste
• Metal polisher
• Patina substances
• Marble (for the stone base)
• Metal and paper glue