Centaur II / 11

Size: height - 24 sm. / marble base - 6 sm. height

Material: brass (patina plated)

Weight without the base: about 800 gram.

The Centaur has been always one very interesting mythological creature. Half man, half horse, he personify the transformation from animal to human look of the divinities (from zoomorphic to anthropomorphic personification). He belongs to the solar (male) beginning and express the male fruitfulness and primary male vigor. But his character in the mythology is very contradictory. From one point he is the healer and wise-man who has knowledge inaccessible for the human mind. From other point the Centaurs are described as cruel creatures who hate the humans and feed on their flesh.
The teachers of the greatest heroes in the Greek mythology (Yazon, Tezey, Achilles, Hercules, Orpheus, Apollo, Artemis, Asclepius) have been Centaurs. They have teached them on wisdom and knowledge about the Universe, on honor and nobility, how to use the curative power of nature, on the art’s magic. Such a remarkable teacher has been Heron.
The scientists think that the Centaur is one of the most powerful shaman figure in the mythology and this role is complete by their curative skills.
Nowadays, we know the Centaur trough his zodiac sign – the Sagittarius. Over all, they have been unsurpassed hunters and they gave this characteristic to their sign and turned him into the most fearful predator in the zodiac.