Freedom (Vasil Levski) II / 12

Size: h - 23 sm. without the marble base; marble base- h=6 sm.
Material: brass (patina plated)

This plastic is author's work of Renina Lekova.

This plastic is author's conception on the Bulgarian Symbol of Freedom - Vasil Levski. The idea is Vasil Levski to be introduced not only as symbol of freedom but also as one exceptional person who took the terrible burden to unite the people and to express the free will of all the whole nation and every each Bulgarian personaly. When Benkovski has admitted  members in his revolutionery group, he has pushed them  to burn their homes and to deny their families  because every one of them had to accept the idea for the dead as the only one and inevitable way out. Levsky embody all of it - the idea for freedom,  self-denying and rejcting everithing which can bind the person to the instinct of self-preservation and hunger for life, the idea that only if we are united we can get a success. The most important is that he turned the ideas into an action.

But...just imagine how high is the price payed by THE MAN Vasil Ivanov Kunchev to be turned into the symbol of  THE DEACON! 

P.S. Levski is very often compared by Jesus as idea power. This is logical because always when in the history are moments of idea catharsis appears one extraordinary person who, in the name of the spritual rebirth of the whole nation become the Victime and then the Symbol  who personify the idea of his time. In this meaning the plastic "Freedom" made by Metal Plastic Art Studio Mitra do compare Jesus and Levski in that moment when soon or leater on the way to the end the Human on the Crost is begging "to pass this cup" but despite all he drink it because the Human on the Crost is the only one who can stand the burden to be immortal Symbol.