Ritual Wine Set, catalog number I / 7

Material: brass, patina (silver plate is possible), silver
Number of vessels – 4: 2 rhyton (see I/4 a and I/4 b), oinihoe and crater
Note: The vessels can be ordered separately, or by request, a Thracian vessel called “fiala” also can be ordered.

This set is unique, an attempt by MITRA to restore the ancient Thracian ritual wine set as well its application in contemporary life. The rhytons are art interpretations of the treasury found in Russe. The jug (oinahoe) is a part of the treasury found in Rogozene. The big vessel (crater) is well known in the Thracian culture and this is a replica of many similar vessels.

The original set also contains several “fialas” (a kind of bowl), which were used for drinking wine. The entire ritual starts with the filling of the crater with a sacred liquid. Then the wine is scooped up by the oinohoe and then is poured in the rhytons (the horns of plenty) and through the fialas to the breast of the two animals. The ritual wine set was used only by the rulers or high dignitaries during diplomatic meetings or religious purifying rituals and was probably used during the Dionysus festivities.

The set was the king’s gift to other rulers as a diplomatic gesture. It is suggested that the Rogozene treasury was such a gift.