Greek warrior, catalog number II /3-a

Material: brass, silver plate is possible, marble base
Size: about 22 cm. with the base
Note: The plastic from the photo is unique
It is possible to obtain a similar but unique item with or without a copy-matrix.

This plastic is the author’s work with elements – replicas of the authentic clothes and arms of the Greek warriors known by many drawings. The shield and the sword are for close battle – the sword is short, the shield is small and suitable for quick counter-attacks. Typical elements for the ancient Greek arm is the vision of Gorgona Meduza on the shield. The Greek warriors put visions of gods or other mythological creatures on their arms to be protected by them or to frighten the enemy with the way they look. On the Greek shields can be seen solar symbols, visions of Atina Palada or Ares, etc. The enemies of Gorgona Meduza were turn into stone with the power of her eyes.