Pan, catalog number II /4

Material: brass, patina, silver plate is possible; silver, patina, marble base
2 sizes: 1) Big - about 44 cm. with the base / 2) Miniature - 18 cm.

This plastic is the author’s work with elements and art expressions taken from many classical models of the plastic and fine arts. MITRA’s Pan reflects the origin of this very interesting god as a complete image of the nature, the restive spirit, erotic in the freedom and freedom in the erotic. The work is classical style with no modern plastic interpretations.

Pan, compared to mythology, is a trickster – creature, which is a role between the sky and earth, good and evil, and could be called one “who makes mischief” or “evil genius”. He has nature’s vitality, its changeability, vigor, complete honesty and depth of deeds. His servers are the Satyrs. No where in mythology is the erotic is so clear as in the images of Pan and his retinue. Pan is also god of fruitfulness which is logical with his relation with the nature. That’s why he has a goat hoofs, the goat is a symbol of the fruitfulness, the sex urge and the erotic in the clearest meaning. Unfortunately, this interesting god came into Christianity with the negative image for Satan, taken exactly from Pan’s image.