Set ôSeuthopolis symbolö, catalog number III /10

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Material: silver
The set contains: 1.1) Earrings “Floral”: 1.2) Earrings “Lilly”; 2.1) Ring “Floral”; 2.2) Ring – snake-shaped; 3.1) Necklace “Floral”; 3.2) Necklace “Floral and Lilly”; 4) Bracelet “Floral”
Size of the elements: 1.1) Floral element – length 2,2 cm., 2 gr.; 1.2) Floral element, adapted to snake-shaped ring – 4 gr. 2) Lilly – length 4,1 cm., 8 gr.
Note.: Every one of the components in the set can be ordered separately.

Souvenirs :
• Type “Picture”
• Note book
• Key holder

Note.: Please keep in mind that 99% of the work is handmade and it takes time. Minimal technological time for making one and 10 sets is one month. It would be much better if you order more then one set at a time. You will save your time and our time!

These elements can be seen to all architectural elements of the capital of the Thracian Oddrissian dynasty – Seuthopolis. Originally this sign express the Mother-Goddess. The symbol is a combination between Lilly and two snake-shaped waves (or floral elements) in its base. The Lilly, the Rose and the Lotus are symbols of the complete femininity and in the core of the Seuthopolis dynasty beliefs is the cult to the Mother-Goddess.