Medallion The Rosette from Pliska, catalog number III /14

Material: silver
Weight: 10 gr.

Souvenirs :
• Type “Picture”
• Note book
• Key holder

Note.: Please keep in mind that 99% of the work is handmade and it takes time. Minimal technological time for making one and 10 sets is one month. It would be much better if you order more then one set at a time. You will save your time and our time!

A medallion was found in the old Bulgarian capital of Pliska. It was carefully made from brass and is known as the Rosette from Pliska. It is from 7th to 9th century and it was probably used for astronomical calculations. The 7 rays of the rosette symbolize the 7 planets known at that time: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercurius, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. In the centre of the medallion is runic sign IYI symbol of the Old Bulgarian god Tangra and the Old Bulgarian clan Dulo. From this clan are the founders of three Bulgarian countries: Old Great Bulgaria, Danube Bulgaria and Volga-Cam’s Bulgaria. The meaning and the way of using the medallion is probably much deeper than we can imagine. The Glagolic signs on it, every one of which also has numeral and philosophical meaning, makes an entire Universe from this Rosette.