Medallion Aztec Manadala, catalog number III /16

Material: silver
Weight: 25 gr.

Note.: Please keep in mind that 99% of the work is handmade and it takes time. Minimal technological time for making one and 10 sets is one month. It would be much better if you order more then one set at a time. You will save your time and our time!

This medallion describes the Aztecs’ beliefs about the arrangement of the world and Space. The explanation and symbolism are complicated. Mandala is a symbolic version of the ancient images of the Universe, like the combination between male and female signs, put in exact order in exact meaning. In this one, there are 6 circles and it has the same time calendar and compass. In the centre is the main Aztec god – the complete male symbol and the next circle describes the female origin, which contains the male origin inside and also contains the elements of the real world. The next circle is the door-keepers between the real world and the underworld. They are mediators and gives direction to the whole symbol – North. The whole symbol is locked in another one circle and it gives the idea that the entire Universe is under the power of the Sun.