Head of Seuthes III, I / 1

Three sizes: 1) big; 2) small plastic; 3) souvenir
Plastics: catalog number I/1
Material: brass, patina, black marble base
1) big size, 20 kg., about 39 cm. height,
2) small plastic, about 2 kg., 26 cm.,
Souvenir: Cat.№: V / 4
Material: brass, ZAM, patina, wooden base
Size: about 7 cm.,

The original was found in 2004 during the excavation works in the mound “Golyama Kocmatka”. In the same mound the archeologists found an ancient Thracian temple, which was the ruler’s tomb. The bronze head of Seuthes III is a part of a whole statue which had been ritually dismembered in in accordance with the Orphic customs of the Thracians. According to these customs, the Thracian dismembered not the dead body but his artificial image (statue), made to mark the transition of the physical body to the immortality of the soul. It is presumed that the bronze head is a part of the statue of one of the most powerful Thracian rulers – Seuthes III (IV BC). The bronze head is and example of the incredible mastership of the Thracians; their art techniques, the intricacy and complexity of the detail are really amazing. The bronze head gives us an impression of Seuthes III’s look and personality: he has a noble and wise face and possesses the strong and determined expression of a really mighty leader.